Following the devastating winter storms in Texas, several of Piada’s restaurants were forced to close temporarily leaving some hourly workers without work for days. To offset lost hours, Piada provided an additional $200 non-taxable stipend for its 175 hourly team members at its eight locations across the state.

“When intense winter weather struck Texas last week, our teams persevered and kept pushing forward, despite the hardship and disruption they faced,” said Matt Harding, senior vice president of culinary and menu innovation. “Our team members displayed unbelievable resilience and compassion in a terrible time, and we’re incredibly grateful for the dedication and passion of each and every one of them.”

In total, Piada provided $50,000 to employees through stipends and supplemental food and water for team members and their families.

“Piada keeps amazing me ever since the day I was hired. From upper management, to the customers, to my benefits, I have never been more appreciative of my company in my entire life,” says Summer Hatcher, catering sales coordinator at one of Piada’s Houston restaurants. “But then the relief package was sent to me before the ice on the ground even had time to melt. It was an answer to an unspoken prayer for many, and I will never forget it.”

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