Pie Five Pizza Co. announced the expansion of company operations into three major markets: Houston, Chicago, and Minneapolis.

The first Houston-area restaurant, located in Spring, Texas, opens Friday, December 12. Chicago, home to millions of proud pizza aficionados, will welcome its first Pie Five in February. And the Twin Cities, a hotbed for fast-casual restaurants, will get their first taste of the fast-casual pizza brand in March.

“Who wants to wait 30 minutes or more for great pizza?” says Randy Gier, CEO of Pie Five Pizza. “Pizza lovers want quality, they want it their way, and they want it fast. Pie Five offers the perfect combination—and it’s faster than a speeding delivery driver.

“We’re introducing pizza lovers to a new and better way to enjoy the greatest food on Earth,” Gier adds. “Customers create their own high-quality handcrafted pizzas that bake in 145 seconds using our patented ovens. We make everything from scratch in every restaurant—from making the dough to shredding the cheese, to blending the sauce, to chopping the fresh vegetable toppings. That’s how we guarantee our customers a high-quality pizza experience. And the whole process—make it, bake it, and take it—is less than five minutes. Always fresh, from high-quality ingredients, virtually unlimited variety, and speedy service. It’s a winning combination.”

Pie Five customers choose a favorite crust—artisan thin, classic pan, whole grain Neapolitan, or gluten free thin. Then they choose from seven sauces, four cheeses, eight meats, and 16 veggies. There are more than a million combinations of personal pizzas to choose from. 

Pie Five bakes each personal pizza in a specially designed oven. By the time the guest arrives at the register, their hot, bubbly pizza is ready. And whether they select from one of Pie Five’s specialty recipes or create their own, it’s all the same price: under $7.   

Pie Fivers can also add a fresh, hand-made salad, tossed right in front of them. Dessert offerings include Turtle brownies and chocolate chip pizza cookies, as well as seasonal pies and cakes, all baked fresh daily.

“The addition of three more company markets raises our company-owned growth potential to nearly 100 units over the next five to six years,” Gier says. “That’s in addition to the more than 300 restaurant openings projected by our franchise partners over the same period.”

Denise Lee Yohn: QSR's Marketing Guru, Fast Casual, Growth, News, Pizza, Pie Five Pizza