Pieology Pizzeria announced the addition of vegan Mozzarella cheese from Daiya Foods, the leader in dairy-free cheese products, to the fast casual restaurant chain’s large variety of topping selections. Available at select Pieology locations, the vegan cheese option aligns with the company’s commitment to satisfying guest demand for a completely customizable experience while catering to specific lifestyle and dietary preferences. 

For a completely vegan experience, Pieology recommends pairing their vegan gluten-free crust with Daiya plant-based Mozzarella cheese and then personalizing with unlimited fresh fruits and veggies, herbs, and vegan-friendly signature sauces. 

“We don’t want anyone to miss out on the Pieology experience, so we’re excited to now offer a delicious cheese that’s ideal for vegans, vegetarians, and guests who are lactose-intolerant,” says Carl Chang, founder and CEO. “We chose Daiya’s plant-based cheese specifically because it melts, oozes, and bubbles when pulled from our 800 degree stone ovens, just like regular Mozzarella cheese.”

The Pieology experience starts with fresh house-made white or whole wheat dough that is pressed into 11.5 inch thin pizza crusts. Guests first select from eight signature sauces, moving down the line to choose from more than 30 fresh meats, cheeses, vegetables, herbs ,and spices. The customized pizzas are then stone oven fired in less than three minutes. To finish, guests have the option to add after-bake “Flavor Blast” sauces, including fiery buffalo, pesto, and BBQ, to craft their own unique creation. Each custom pizza with unlimited toppings is always $8.00 or less. Pieology also offers a vegan, gluten-free crust and a selection of nine signature pizzas, which can be customized upon request.

“Considering Pieology’s commitment to always using fresh, quality ingredients, this partnership is a natural fit,” says Michael Lynch, vice president of marketing for Daiya. “We’re thrilled that our vegan Mozzarella cheese is now featured among Pieology’s many delicious topping selections, providing vegan, vegetarian, and dairy-free pizza fans with even more options for customization.”

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