As the teams from New Orleans and Indianapolis are huddling up to play the biggest game of the football season on February 7 in Miami, the Pizza Hut team of more than 120,000 employees will be calling plays from the kitchens at over 6,000 restaurants across the country to fill pizza orders on the company’s busiest day of the year.

Pizza Hut is expecting a 50 percent increase in business for the big game over a typical Sunday. That means that Pizza Hut will receive over 1.2 million orders through online, phone, text, and iPhone ordering.

To visualize all those orders for pizza, pasta, and wings, the Pizza Hut research team pulled together some stats that demonstrate how a hungry nation of football fans gets fed. On game day, Pizza Hut will sell customers 1.7 million pizzas—enough to cover more than 45 football fields.

Pepperoni is the favorite pizza topping—60 percent of Americans will be eating pepperoni on their Pizza Hut pizza during the big game. Italian sausage is the second favorite topping, followed by ham. Phone orders are the favorite ordering method, with over 80 percent of orders placed over the phone.

This year, Pizza Hut is offering fans a special deal: Any pizza at Pizza Hut is now $10. That means customers can order any size pizza, with any crust and any toppings for $10. The only exceptions are that double toppings are not available on this $10 offer, and Stuffed Crust Pizza is available for an additional charge. The Pizza Hut $10 offer will be available for a limited time and no coupon is required.

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