After Pizza Hut discovered that 57 percent of pizza-eaters like to dip their pizza into sauces, the company redesigned the basic pizza and sliced it into 16, 1-inch by 4-inch rectangular strips, demanding to be dipped. And, the company is also giving dipping fans three popular sauces: marinara, ranch and garlic.

The Dippin’ Strips pizza is offered nationally at participating Pizza Hut restaurants for dine-in, carryout, or delivery for $9.99 for one topping.

According to Tom James, Pizza Hut chief marketing officer, Dippin’ Strips pizza is a simple product idea and makes pizza into finger-food.

“There’s always something new at Pizza Hut. And, for our busiest Sunday of the year, we’ve done it again with our new Dippin’ Strips pizza,” says James. “We’ve actually reconfigured our pizza to accommodate those who are driven to dip—how about that for customer service?”

“The fact is, triangle slices just don’t fit well into a cup of sauce. Dippin’ Strips pizza has been ‘dippinomically’ designed for dipping. There’s nothing complicated about it, you just…dip,” James says.
Are You Driven to Dip?

The research on how Americans eat pizza spurred Pizza Hut to add a place on its website ( for consumers to cast their vote on what type of dipper they are: big dipper, dip and flipper, double, or triple dipper? The company also is encouraging Americans to review “proper” dipping etiquette on the website.

The Pizza Hut Dippin’ Strips pizza is the latest in an annual tradition of introducing new, innovative pizzas for the Super Bowl game, the day that traditionally is the busiest pizza-selling Sunday of the year. Historically, more Pizza Hut pizzas are sold during the game than any other day of the year. This year, Pizza Hut restaurants anticipate preparing almost two million pizzas during the hours leading up to and during the Super Bowl game with nearly 50 percent of deliveries and carry-outs occurring in the two hours prior to kick off and during the first hour of the game.

“As families and friends gather to watch the game, we’re convinced Dippin’ Strips pizza will be the favorite on the table,” says James. “The strips are perfect for family gatherings and parties during the Super Bowl game or everyday dinners.”

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