Minutes before the big game on Sunday, February 3, the two teams will be focused on getting into the end zone, but Pizza Hut wants the millions of viewers on the other side of the TV getting into the new P’ZONE. Pizza Hut will premier its ad featuring comedian Tommy Davidson and its newest celebrity the P’ZONE—the pizza you eat like a sandwich—in its coveted big game slot just before kick-off.

In the last commercial viewers will see before the big game begins, comedian Tommy Davidson leads the P’ZONE
Revolution and brings the latest innovation from Pizza Hut to a fan-packed sports arena one box at a time—converting
sports fans into P’ZONE fans. In the sports-themed spot, Davidson distributes P’ZONE pizzas up and down the arena isles but takes time out to lead cheerleaders in a chant of “Gimme a P!” In between sampling P’ZONE pizzas among hungry fans, Davidson delivers a parody of sports commentators by giving the P’ZONE play-by-play after a fan takes a bite.

“We chose Tommy Davidson for his energy [and] audience appeal and because he’s hilarious. P’ZONE pizzas are fun to eat and Tommy delivers the message in a fun and energetic manner,” said Sean Gleason, vice president of advertising at Pizza Hut. “We weren’t interested in just hiring an actor to play someone else. We wanted Tommy to be Tommy, and we’re happy withthe results.”

The day of the big bowl game is the busiest Sunday of the year for Pizza Hut, the recognized world leader in the $25 billion pizza category. Just prior to kick-off, America will get a glimpse of the new category disrupting P’ZONE pizza—a medium-size pizza crust filled with toppings and sliced mozzerella cheese, folded into a crescent shape and sealed calzone-style. Pizza Hut has held the coveted pre-kick-off spot for six years, and this year Pizza Hut hopes the pre-game pizza call includes an order for P’ZONE pizzas.

“For six years now we’ve held this pre-kick-off spot because that’s when most people order pizza,” said Gleason. “The big game is a TV-watching event and therefore a pizza-eating event. Big game Sunday is our busiest Sunday of the year, and the ad just before kick-off is the perfect spot to showcase our new P’ZONE and drive sales.”

Television commercials featuring the P’ZONE pizza and Tommy Davidson began airing Sunday, January 27. The
new spot for the big game will premier just before kick-off on Sunday, February 3.

Pizza Hut is supporting the P’ZONE national introduction with a $70 million marketing plan including point-of-purchase promotion, and national print and broadcast advertising

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