Figaro’s Italian Pizza announced today that is has completed the acquisition of the 31-unit Pizza Schmizza, the Hillsboro, Oregon-based chain specializing in by-the-slice thin crust pizza. Figaro’s, a national chain with over 100 locations, has been recognized as “the best pizza you can have at home” and chairman and CEO Ron Berger is looking to further expand his company as well as the newly-obtained Pizza Schmizza.

“We believe in great brands and are confident that, along with their fabulous products, inventive store designs and terrific customer service, Figaro’s Pizza and Pizza Schmizza will be two of the top-performing restaurants in the industry,” Berger said.

Pizza Schmizza first began contemplating a new owner several months ago when one of its key shareholders and CEO, Doug Wetter, fell ill and could no longer fulfill his day-to-day company obligations. Vice president Rick Glenn suggested contacting Figaro’s Pizza, a company where Glenn once worked. After meeting with Berger and hearing his plan for the future, Schmizza founder and president, Andre Jehan and Glenn felt the direction Figaro’s was headed mirrored Schmizza’s in many ways and felt comfortable moving forward with the sale.

“I’ve always admired Ron’s way of doing business and thought it would not only complement but expand upon Pizza Schmizza’s philosophy,” said Glenn. “Since acquiring Sargo’s Subs last year, Ron had been building an impressive portfolio of restaurants. By consolidating our efforts, we will be gaining product and marketing efficiencies that will be invaluable to our future growth.”

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