PizzaRev announced today that the Taco Pizza is back by popular demand. The award winning fast-casual pizza concept will feature the seasonal special throughout May and June at its 27 restaurants.

The Taco Pizza features PizzaRev’s original homemade dough, organic red sauce, all-natural Italian cheese, chorizo, shredded greens, cilantro, tomatoes, sour cream, and Cholula sauce. Guests can further customize their Taco Pizza with additional toppings, like jalapenos, onions, or any of the spices and hot sauces from the “Rev it Up” counter.

PizzaRev’s seasonal pizzas feature new flavors and ingredients that aren’t typically found among the restaurant’s 30-plus pizza toppings.

“Our version of taco pizza was a huge success last year,” says Nicholas Eckerman, COO and co-founder of PizzaRev. “The traditional taco flavor profile, coupled with the fact that guests can add any other toppings they wish, make it a winning combination.”

PizzaRev offers a customizable dining experience, allowing guests to craft their own 11-inch pizza. The process starts with the crust, either original or gluten-free. Guests then choose from four signature sauces, including a savory organic red sauce, a creamy Alfredo, and a spicy-sweet BBQ, and then top it off by choosing from an array of cheese, meat, and veggie toppings. Each pizza is fired to Roman-style crispness in less than three minutes in PizzaRev’s 900 degree stone-hearth oven.


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