Pokeworks is kicking off 2023 with a new fresh and healthy bowl to support all the New Year’s Day resolutions.  

Now through March, Pokeworks fans can enjoy its exclusive Flame-Cooked Miso Sesame Salmon Bowl featuring the highest quality ingredients. The chef-curated dish includes made-to-order, flame-cooked salmon mixed with cucumber, sweet onion, edamame, hijiki seaweed, and a proprietary miso sesame sauce. The sauce brings in a deep savory flavor, with a toasty, funky and salty-sweet richness that gives the delectable combination depth, especially after being topped off with green onions, sesame seeds, spicy furikake, crispy fried onion and seaweed salad. 

Fans who already love Pokeworks uncooked salmon can enjoy this new flame-cooked taste as it brings out a powerhouse of flavor and still provides plenty of health benefits. Salmon is a “superfood” providing loads of protein, vitamins, minerals, and omega-3 and -6 fatty acid contributing to great overall health.

The special, limited-time offering will be available in a regular or large, bowl or burrito. Plus, Pokeworks’ Flame-Cooked Salmon is a delicious, warm addition to any meal during the colder months of the year, available as an option on any Poke Your Way bowl, burrito or salad.

“The Flame-Cooked Miso Sesame Salmon Bowl introduces a new flavor profile that’s totally different from anything we’ve done before,” says Pokeworks CEO Steve Heeley. “The flame-cooking process creates a delicious crisp on the salmon, making it an irresistible addition to any bowl, burrito or salad. This is a perfect dish for anyone who is looking to create healthy options for the new year.” 

Prices for the Flame-Cooked Miso Sesame Salmon Bowl start at $11.95 and vary by location. 

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