Pollo Tropical has teamed up with popular media personality and nutritionist “Dr. Jo” Lichten to create the Pollo Tropical 21 Days to a New You meal plan that is being described as a how-to guide to body toning and healthier eating.

“The 21 Days to a New You meal plan is a guide to utilizing the Pollo Tropical menu of fresh, healthy and grilled items over a 21-day period to look better and feel better” says Kim Miller, senior director of marketing and communication for Pollo Tropical.

“We knew we had a broad variety of menu items to offer. We wanted to organize our menu offerings into a plan that people could use to really improve their appearance as well as how they feel,” Miller says. “The plan is straight from our menu, and the flavor of the 21 Days to a New You is real food, not rabbit food.”

Since healthier eating is only one of the lifestyle choices necessary for total fitness, Pollo Tropical is also inviting its guests to “get moving” by offering a free pedometer to those who register at www.pollotropical.com/21days. Pedometers are limited to the first 2,000 registrants. Shipping and handling is free.

The 21 Days to a New You Pollo Tropical site is a link to a daily calorie count diary, as well as links to nearby walking clubs.

For those who just want the meal plan, visit any Pollo Tropical location in the U.S. to receive a free copy. To get customers started with healthier eating, the guide includes a free regular chicken TropiChop with purchase of any drink.

Some of the menu items cooked into the plan include the Pollo Tropical signature famous grilled chicken, roast pork, guava pork sandwich, grilled chicken chipotle sandwich, Caribbean chicken soup, wraps such as the Cuban wrap and chicken caesar wrap, and the popular Pollo Tropical TropiChops.

The Pollo Tropical 21 Days to a New You meal plan outlines recommendations for breakfasts, lunches, and dinners during a 21-day period. The total calorie intake ranges from 810 to just more than 1,000 calories for lunch and dinner.

Side dishes spotlighted in the plan include Pollo Tropical balsamic tomatoes, boiled yuca, corn, and black beans and rice. The Pollo Tropical 21 Days to a New You menu is also spotlighted by several ‘helpful tips’ sections including Ten Healthful Breakfast Ideas – which gives breakfast tips ranging from eggs to sweetened rice; Ten Recommendations for Staying Healthy – outlining the importance of fruits & vegetables, whole grains, stress management, and exercise; Ten Healthful Snack Ideas – providing great tasting and ‘healthful’ snack tips; and quick tips specifically about making the most of Pollo Tropical like:

•Think Lutein: Balsamic tomatoes, salsa, and corn are rich in lutein and are important for eye and heart health.

•Savor and splurge on the salsas: The variety of salsas at Pollo Tropical ranging from classic to guava to mustard curry and many more – are only 5 calories per spoonful and add a lot of flavor to skinless chicken, salads, and more.

•It’s okay to splurge for special occasions: Pollo Tropical’s single serving flan has just 210 calories.

For more information on Pollo Tropical, including menu items and nutritional information, visit online at www.pollotropical.com.

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