Popeyes(R) Chicken & Biscuits, a division of AFC Enterprises, Inc. (NASDAQ:AFCE) , today announced the introduction of zero gram trans fat biscuits and low, one gram per serving French fries in its domestic restaurants. The new products began rolling out to the system at the end of 2006 and are now in all restaurants. Popeyes has also posted the trans fat content information for the brand’s core menu items on the nutritional page of its website at www.popeyes.com.

“The quality of our food and well-being of our guests are of the utmost importance to Popeyes,” said James Lyons, Popeyes chief operating officer. “Given increased attention to trans fat content, we initiated a review of all of our menu items and cooking procedures to identify innovative alternatives that will not sacrifice Popeyes’ world-famous flavor. As a result of our efforts, we are pleased to now offer zero gram trans fat biscuits and one gram trans fat French fries in our restaurants.”

Many of Popeyes core chicken items have zero grams of trans fat and all others are generally low in trans fats, containing 1.5 grams or less. However, the brand continues to review menu items and cooking procedures, with the intent of marrying its great Cajun and Creole flavors and the broader awareness of trans-fat content. A zero trans fat shortening for our other core products is being tested as well.

“We have a responsibility to our loyal customers to ensure that any change in our cooking procedures continues to deliver our best in class flavor profile in chicken and seafood. We are addressing nutritional concerns, but we want to make sure that our solution is absolutely the best,” said Kirk Waisner, Popeyes vice president of Menu and Product Development. This project will continue throughout the months to come.

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