Wilmington, North Carolina-based Port City Java® announces its “same unit” corporate cafes increased sales 16.12 percent in October 2005 as compared with October 2004.

“Same Unit” sales growth is the key indicator for market penetration and performance for The Brand. COO Don Reynolds indicates “we are very pleased with our corporate operations and continually develop new programs and products to capture additional market share”. Port City Java® views same store sales comparisons as a crucial measurement for guest acceptance and Brand penetration. The company has experienced same corporate sales increases every month in 2005 over 2004.

Port City Java® management feels its Fairganics(TM) Program has played a significant role in its top line growth and market penetration. The Company’s Fairganics(TM) Program, comprising USDA Certified Organic Coffees and Fair Trade Coffees, was developed to provide a unique identity for The Brand. Fairganics(TM) has resonated with the guest and this unique position has been widely accepted. The Company feels that the Fairganics(TM) Program will continue to propel the Brand and open opportunities.

The Company also rolled out a new Breakfast Sandwich Program to all of its cafes in July. The guest acceptance has been strong. The new sandwich features a whole egg with choices of bacon, sausage, or ham, and cheese on an oversized English Muffin. The new program was designed to capture sales from consumers who visit the cafes for their morning coffee, but were visiting other food outlets to purchase Breakfast Offerings, outside of the traditional coffee house baked goods.

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