orderTalk Inc., provider of on-demand software and service solutions to the restaurant industry for online ordering, announced the launch of a new program allowing servers and guests to place food orders while in line or right from the table through an iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch.

Now available for quick-service and full-service restaurants, the proprietary ordering platform is downloaded as an application for servers or for patrons. Already in use, the program replaces hand-held terminals and allows servers to take table and in-store orders on an iPad. The orders are then sent directly to the point of sale or a ticket printer in the kitchen, which eliminates errors and allows for quicker, more efficient service.

“This application is perfect for restaurants that want a ‘line buster’ approach so customers can order in line and then have their order ready when they get to the counter,” says Patrick Eldon, CEO of orderTalk Inc. “It also works in casual dining, allowing guests to order and pay directly at their table from their personal or restaurant supplied devices.”

The customer platform includes the ability for patrons to download applications built specifically for their favorite food destinations on their iPad, iPhone, or iTouch. These restaurant specific applications allow patrons to place pick-up or delivery orders, browse and select menu items for an in-location experience, and even pay the bill directly from their hand-held devices.

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