A noon conference call: Is there any greater affront to the sanctity of lunch? In an effort to take back lunch, Potbelly Sandwich Shop has partnered with UberConference by Dialpad, a first-of-its-kind partnership, to remind everyone noon to 1 p.m. is time to eat, not meet. Starting today, when users dial into their UberConference free line, they’ll get some hilarious new hold music to get them through these ill-timed calls.

“A scheduled noon biz call should be a wake-up call that you’re doing lunch all wrong,” says Potbelly’s CMO Brandon Rhoten.

Potbelly tapped a range of artists to create the original tunes, including loop DJ phenom Marc Rebillet, Armchair Expert music director Bob Mervak and song-a-day YouTube star Jonathan Mann.

“We wanted to make conferencing fun. Having unique songs has always been a part of our brand, making this crazy idea the perfect fit for us,” says Dialpad’s CMO Keith Messick.

The lunchtime bangers are part of Potbelly’s ongoing efforts to help people take back lunch; previous activations include the “Lunch Doubles” stunt.

“There are reams of data confirming the health, happiness and productivity benefits of a quality lunch,” Rhoten says. “We’re here to help you enjoy it.”

UberConference will feature Potbelly’s hold music on June 18, and it will be available for users to choose all month. Additionally, all four songs are available on SoundCloud. And for those who eat, breathe and sleep work meetings, Potbelly is releasing a video of Marc Rebillet’s song as a PowerPoint presentation. And for the rest of us, as a YouTube video.

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