Primary Color, a provider of superior graphic communication products and Web-to-print solutions based out of Orange County and Los Angeles County, California, announced that it launched its new Distributive Print Model at the Dine America show in Atlanta.

The company also announced the release of several cutting-edge Web-based applications as part of its expanding core software platform PRIMARYCONNECT.

Included in the release is Verify, an industry-leading, mobile-supported POP and restaurant signage profiling and verification tool. The application ensures marketing managers with guaranteed brand compliance, including timely and accurate placement of all POP and print materials.

The company has recently landed several of the fastest-growing 500+ unit fast-casual and quick-service restaurant operators as a result of these new service enhancements.

PRIMARYCONNECT will serve as the Web entry point for tens of thousands of restaurants and franchisees to get access to digital assets, restaurant signage, marketing materials, and other forms of media.

Primary provides complete end-to-end brand asset management solutions for large restaurant chains and retailers.

Paul Wartman, Primary Color’s senior vice president of franchisor development, spear- headed the Dine America event.

“Having been a franchisor in the restaurant industry, it is clear that this new technology will be of great benefit to both the franchisor and franchisee,” he says. “It provides guaranteed brand integrity while offering significant savings throughout the franchise network.”

The new applications will simplify the process of managing the creation, production, and distribution of menus, digital signage, POP, and local store marketing collateral.

"The landscape has definitely changed over the last two years,” says Kent Barkouras, executive vice president of enterprise services and sales. “Our new model and services were designed based on specific knowledge we gained by managing the branded assets of leading restaurant chains and retailers over the past several years.”

The company introduced a “guaranteed minimum 10 percent savings” at the show by using the new model.

“Our new product and services we announced will greatly enhance the ability for restaurant operators and franchisees to have real-time visibility into their restaurants while also having instant access to their branded materials,” Barkouras says.

Primary Color consulted with several senior executives of chain leaders, as well as top industry consultants, as part of the process to build the industry’s best service offering.

The company specializes in retail signage, national POP, menu, local store marketing, store profiling and verification, content management, fulfillment and distribution, and supply chain management.