Paytronix Systems, Inc., a digital guest experience platform, announced that QDOBA Mexican Eats, a modern Mexican fast-casual restaurant, launched its long-standing QDOBA Rewards program on the Paytronix Platform to better understand customer behavior and build programs that speak to each guest individually. In migrating QDOBA Rewards to Paytronix, the fast-casual brand was able to consolidate loyalty, a new branded Paytronix mobile app and its Olo-powered online ordering service on one unified platform.

QDOBA guests engage via mobile over every other digital channel, so it’s important for the brand to deliver a compelling mobile-first experience. The new QDOBA-branded mobile app makes it convenient for guests to order online and manage their individual rewards. For QDOBA, the mobile app helps streamline its consistently busy lunch and dinner business, and creates added convenience across other dayparts.

“Paytronix helps QDOBA make it easier for guests to engage with our brand while providing the insights that will help us better understand our guests, which enables us to create relevant offers and increase their visit frequency,” says Jill Adams, vice president of marketing, at QDOBA Mexican Eats. “Paytronix is the perfect platform to help improve the QDOBA Rewards program and to help us scale the program over time.”

QDOBA has also subscribed to the Paytronix Data Insights service, which provides a unique combination of intellectual horsepower coupled with big data processing and analytics. Working with the Paytronix Data Insights team, QDOBA will be analyzing transactional data in order to better know its guests and begin to develop one-to-one marketing strategies that deliver content and offers that are relevant to the individual guest.

“QDOBA is taking advantage of Paytronix’s ability to track and analyze in-store, online and mobile customer interactions in one centralized data store,” says Andrew Robbins, founder and CEO, Paytronix Systems, Inc. “And, in contracting with Paytronix Data Insights, QDOBA will benefit from our ability to leverage the latest artificial intelligence technology to analyze its customer interactions and determine meaningful individual strategies that enhance the guest experience one customer at a time.”

As the fast-casual Mexican chain builds up its own guest transaction history, QDOBA will take advantage of the Paytronix AI capabilities including predictive algorithms that have been trained on more than 19 years of consumer data. Paytronix helps QDOBA:

Capture and Consolidate Guest Data – from loyalty to online ordering to mobile interactions in one centralized data store.

Enrich End Customer Data – with the most advanced artificial intelligence (AI) technology, Paytronix can drive deeper data analytics that help drive a better understanding of each customer, their past performance, and then develop offers based on how they are likely to behave in the future.

Enhance the Individual Guest Experience – at every touchpoint, one guest at a time.

In addition to identifying and communicating with its individual guests, QDOBA also aims to gain a deeper understanding of its catering customers, as those offer strong opportunities for growth and expansion in the business-to-business market.

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