QSR International signed a three-unit Quiznos development agreement for the country of Nicaragua with Industria de Comida Rápida S.A. Industria de Comida Rápida S.A. is managed by Bergman Castillo, CEO and founder of both Grupo Golan, a major security company, and Grupo de Comunicación S.A., a top advertising company in Nicaragua. QSR International has now signed four new development agreements for a total of 27 new restaurant units this year.

“Mr. Castillo is a highly successful business entrepreneur throughout Nicaragua. He has a thorough knowledge of the marketplace and culture, and has an established professional team that’s making huge inroads in the country,” says Pablo Fernandez, franchise expansion manager of QSR International. “As a highly successful entrepreneur with a top-notch professional support group, we are confident of his continued future success.”

“The signing of this new development agreement confirms the continuing growth plans for Quiznos in the region by QSR International,” adds Richard Eisenberg, president of QSR International.

Having opened 11 restaurants thus far in 2013 (one KFC, one Smashburger, one Cinnabon, one Q-Corner, six Quiznos, and one Centenario Rum Bar), QSR International is now a 146-unit, multibrand franchisee and master franchise quick-service restaurant developer operating in 15 countries. QSR International has 102 licensed Quiznos restaurants operating in the region with an additional two units under development. QSR International has also awarded and sold an additional 59 Quiznos franchises, which, through development commitments, will open in the next few years.

In its efforts for continued expansion, QSR International has now released the following countries for Quiznos Franchise development: Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Peru, and Trinidad and Tobago. QRS International is now seeking area developers and multiunit operating franchise partners in all of these newly released countries.

Denise Lee Yohn: QSR's Marketing Guru, Growth, News, Sandwiches, Quiznos