Quail Digital, a wireless headset communication specialist, has extended the bandwidth on its Q Pro 5 drive-thru system.

The system now operates on the new CATiQ dect 6 standard, which increases bandwidth from 8KHz to 16KHz.

The development has improved audio quality between the wireless headsets, and between the headsets and the order point. Noise-cancelling technology also removes external traffic noise more efficiently to give much clearer communication between customers and order taker.

“The upgrade has doubled the audio quality of the system, which is a huge advantage for crew and customers,” says Tom Downes, CEO of Quail Digital. “Order accuracy is everything. If the order taker can hear clearly, the drive-thru operation runs well.”

Recent research identified that with most drive thrus achieving tolerable levels of speed, accuracy of order has become one of the most important factors influencing customer satisfaction.

The new system is now available following successful trials in the U.K. with several brands. Existing users have the opportunity to upgrade.

“Our 8KHz system was good,” Downes says. “Indeed, tests by Orfield Laboratories Inc last year revealed that the Q Pro 5 system offers superior acoustic quality to our competitors, and this is a great innovation for our customers.”

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