Hess Corporation and Quiznos are preparing to announce a partnership that will put Quiznos restaurants into more than 50 Hess locations in the Tampa, Florida, market before the end of the year.

Convenience stores have sustained an annual growth rate in foodservice customers since 2005 and experts expect food sales will only continue to rise at C-stores.

Based on this developing consumer trend toward food purchases at C-stores, Quiznos announced an aggressive plan in early 2010 to put Quiznos restaurants into C-stores and gas station locations. The partnership with Hess is the largest convenience store development for Quiznos to date, and a major milestone toward Quiznos’ convenience growth goals.

The potential for this category is enormous—C-stores have seen consistent increases of consumer traffic to their foodservice offerings in spite of the recession.

Quiznos joined the partnership because it saw tremendous growth opportunity and a clear way to get even more brand exposure in locations that do not directly compete with its traditional locations.

Quiznos will adapt its menu—including the launch of a breakfast menu and a tailored menu of more proteins, fewer soups, and salads—to stay relevant to a 24-hour convenience consumer and improve speed of service.

The strategy is mutually beneficial for Quiznos and its convenience partners, who have found that a national brand is more compelling to a C-store customer than a generic offering. 

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