Sense Networks, the leader in delivering mobile ads based on mobile location and behavioral-targeting data, announced the successful completion of a mobile advertising campaign with Quiznos, a Denver, Colorado–based quick-service restaurant chain.

Sense Networks and Quiznos worked together during November and December of 2012 to target potential Quiznos customers with relevant mobile ads of local coupons. 

“Quiznos saw a significant number of mobile coupon redemptions following a recently completed campaign with Sense Networks,” says Susan Lintonsmith, CMO, Quiznos. “This increase in response is the result of targeting local, mobile consumers that demonstrate certain behaviors that align with the Quiznos customer."

Sense Networks uses the most sophisticated location data processing platform available in mobile advertising. Together, Sense and Quiznos set criteria on how they would target potential Quiznos customers.

Based on past histories, Sense set forth to place mobile ads on devices of individuals between the ages of 18 and 34, who have been at similar quick-service restaurants such as Subway or Jimmy John’s over the previous 30 days and who were within a three-mile radius of a Quiznos in the Portland, Oregon market.

At the conclusion of the program, Quiznos saw nearly 3.7 million new impressions and had a 20 percent boost in coupon redemptions within the Portland area, compared to similar nationwide campaigns.

“We are extremely excited about this recently completed campaign with Quiznos,” says David Petersen, CEO of Sense Networks. “We are continuously amazed at how much value brands such as Quiznos receive from well-targeted mobile advertising.

“Today’s consumer is constantly on the move, and the ability to identify and target users based on the behavior our technology extracts from location data is invaluable,” he adds. “Marketers and businesses alike will continue to utilize mobile location-based data processing platforms so that they can provide consumers with the most relevant and timely mobile advertisements.”

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