Rubbermaid Commercial Products (RCP), the leader in durable facility maintenance solutions, today announced a partnership with Northern Colorado Paper (NCP) and Waste Management Inc., for a “Take Back” Pilot Program for smarter, sustainable solutions.

The companies are launching a six month pilot program where Northern Colorado Paper will “take back” RCP products that have reached the end of their useful life and then transport them to the local Waste Management materials recovery facility (MRF) in Denver, Colo., for recycling.

“This pilot program is a tremendous opportunity in terms of living our values as it relates to sustainability,” says Jarret Chirafisi, RCP’s sustainability team leader.

“This partnership and the results of the pilot will benefit others who are looking for an opportunity to recycle large commercial products, divert waste from the landfills and save money.”

“RCP has an active sustainability initiative, and we continually seek out ways to better identify and act on opportunities that will help people live and work in a more environmentally sustainable way. We look forward to identifying more ways to achieve better recycling rates on our products at the end of their useful life,” adds Chirafisi.

“The program was developed out of a need for end-users to have the ability to “close the loop” on recycling large commercial products,” says John Carr, general manager of Northern Colorado Paper.

“Many end-users such as colleges, universities and municipalities are increasingly specifying items that have an end-of-life plan that opts away from landfill disposal. And with a successful program in-hand, we’ll have a sustainable solution to offer that’s good for business and the environment.”

“As a leading North American recycler, we’re pleased to partner with an industry leader such as RCP in this grass-roots recycling program,” says Robert Dishman, director of Waste Management Inc.

“Opportunities, such as this pilot program with NCP is a natural fit for us–it fits our sustainability mission and lends itself to our goal to increase both recycling and recovery rates nationwide.”