Red Mango Yogurt Café Smoothie and Juice Bar is teaming up with Pitaya Foods, a leading supplier of nutrient dense super fruits, to introduce Power Bowls made with a blend of superfruits and topped with whole fruits, coconut and granola.

The four new Power Bowls include The Pink Bowl, made with dragon fruit (pitaya), the Coconut Acai Bowl, Berries & Acai Bowl and the Hawaiian Bowl, made with coconut and banana. These new bowls join the four acai bowls already on the Red Mango menu: PB Power Bowl, Choco-Nut Dream Bowl, Totally Tropical Bowl and Create Your Own Bowl.

“We continue to stand by our commitment to providing our customers with healthy and delicious treats,” says Craig Erlich, president and CEO of Red Mango FC, LLC. “The relationship with Pitaya Foods is just another example of how we are continually innovating our menu using high-quality foods with a range of nutritional benefits that our health-conscious customers love.”

Pitaya Foods sources the highest quality super fruits found on the planet. The fruits they supply Red Mango with – Dragon Fruit, Acai, Coconut – are packed with nutrient benefits. The super star of the Pitaya Foods lineup, Dragon fruit, or pitaya, is indigenous to Central America and can now be found all over the world. Considered a prized fruit in many cultures, it’s rich magenta-colored inside has been eaten for hundreds of years and is a good source of Vitamin C, fiber and magnesium.

“Quick-serve restaurants are introducing more whole food, plant-based menu items to support the growing demand of better-for-you foods and Pitaya Foods has seen exceptional growth in the grocery sector as personal health has become a top priority amongst shoppers,” said Ben Hiddlestone, co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer for Pitaya Foods. “Now more than ever with the coronavirus pandemic, consumers have become more conscious of their eating habits and purchase foods containing immunity boosting benefits to support their overall health.”

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