Rev Burger will open its doors on Tuesday, February 25 at 415 Schmale Road in Carol Stream, Illinois. This fast-casual burger concept offers healthier versions of the American fast food staple. Rev tables also come equipped with iPads to order on.

When owners Wendy and William Spatz, who live in Chicago, looked around the burger scene, they saw a missing niche in the fast food industry. They set their entrepreneurial spirit in motion and created Rev Burger, an idea they plan on franchising.

Rev Burgers are made with Angus beef that has not been fed steroids, but rather natural feed like pasture grass, hay, grains, and legumes. Rev Burger is also without fryers. French fries are oven-baked; as are the chicken tenders. Hot dogs are all-beef and contain no fillers, nitrates, or nitrites, and the chicken is white meat and antibiotic- and hormone-free.

"We were inspired by how the French Revolution gave everyone unprecedented access to healthy, affordable food. Just as the French masses revolted against the idea that good food was available only to a privileged few, we set out to challenge the fast food status quo," says William Spatz.

"I have always liked the idea of fast food when you are short on time, but none of the options appealed to us and our sense of good health," Wendy says. "We simply think that even fast food should be as high quality as possible, in a place that is enjoyable, entertaining, and priced for your budget."

There are 55 seats for guests who can play games on the iPads after they order or watch the large screen TV's while they dine. There is also a drive thru.

"We think Rev Burger is really different. No one entity is doing what we are with Rev Burger," William says.

The Spatz are not new to business. This husband-and-wife team owns, develops, and manages shopping centers around the country. They own the Greenhouse Theater Center in Lincoln Park, Illinois. It highlights four stages showing plays, late night entertainment, and, soon, off-beat movies will be coming. They also own a grocery store in Indiana, and they are partners in Rita's Road House in Downer's Grove, which is run by William Spatz' brother.

"We love to work together," William says. "Wendy and I like to get our creative juices flowing and develop projects together, and together, we are going to make Rev Burger the greatest project yet!"


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