Revel Systems, a leading iPad Point of Sale management solution for brick-and-mortar retail, food businesses and more, announced the launch of RevelGuard on October 4, a hardware device that monitors the network health and builds alerts for clients with POS terminals using Revel.

The hardware device launches at the cusp of an ever-changing business environment, where innovation and change are required in order to stay competitive. RevelGuard quietly monitors all devices and the network health of a client’s POS system. Unobtrusive to a client’s business, the system is installed with the POS and enables the Revel Support team to have secure, remote access to configure interfaces and fix issues on various hardware devices like printers, routers and more.

“We’re excited to announce the launch of RevelGuard that provides our clients with next level technology that both detects and solves an issue as it occurs by taking a snapshot of the current state of a client’s POS system. We’re able to keep POS systems running at their best,” says Chris Ciabarra, co-founder and CTO of Revel Systems. “If your wifi goes down, RevelGuard can detect and fix the problem before it becomes a larger issue.”

Customer experience and success are top priorities for Revel, so it’s crucial that business owners and entrepreneurs have a clear pathway to achieve success. RevelGuard provides clients with a proactive solution that quickly diagnoses the issue and notifies the Revel Support team by opening up a ticket on behalf of the client. Support is then able to fix the issue or provide the proper guidelines to do so, keeping businesses running efficiently without travel or in-person maintenance.

“POS systems are rapidly evolving into information gathering hubs, rather than performing simple cash transactions. They are more complex and provide critical data businesses can use to better understand their customers. With RevelGuard, we’re able to keep their POS systems healthy so they can concentrate on what’s most important,” says Ciabarra.

“Our POS terminals were timing out, interfering with our workflow. We weren’t sure where the problem originated and it was frustrating. With RevelGuard we were able to discover that the issue was with our wifi network. We then installed Revel Ethernet Connect which resolved our issues,” adds Ryan Johnston, systems coordinator at Burger21, a Revel client.

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