The CL50E Vegetable Preparation Food Processor is a continuous feed unit designed for quality processing. It can slice, dice, shred, grate, french fry, and julienne in a variety of sizes. It includes 39 different processing discs available, including six dicing kits and two french fry kits.   

Also available is a new potato ricing attachment that can produce up to 20 pounds of mashed potatoes in two minutes. 

The CL50E model comes with two hoppers. The CL50E has the largest hopper capacity in its class, providing high-production processing and timesaving. The large feed lead can hold half a head of cabbage or lettuce or 10 No. 10 tomatoes.

Its cylindrical hopper processes long and delicate vegetables for quick, easy processing. The CL50E will produce precise cuts in just minutes. An additional bonus is that the CL50E pays for itself in a matter of months with savings in time, labor, and vegetable costs, by using fresh vegetables over pre-processed packaged vegetables. 

The CL50E Vegetable Prep unit was developed by Robot Coupe and has been continually built and improved over 45 years to increase the versatility and durability of this machine.

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