Pretzelmaker/Pretzel Time launched a new online video game and sweepstakes in support of “Combo*Nation,” the brand’s current combo-meal promotion.

The “Pretzelmaker Rocks” video game offers all individuals who register a chance to win instantly and also enters registrants for the grand prize drawing. The game and sweepstakes will run through April 28, 2009.

Pretzelmaker Rocks is a game of musical rhythm and timing that challenges gamers to navigate through two levels of play. At the start, players are given the option to customize their rock star by selecting a male or female character and a rock star hairdo. Gamers then use the arrow-keys on their computer keyboards to sync to a patterned delivery of digital pretzels from an oven in the game’s background–points are earned each time the player hits the correct pretzel.

All registered players will have an opportunity to scratch-and-win a $10 gift certificate booklet redeemable at any Pretzelmaker or Pretzel Time store.

Registrants will also be automatically entered to win a 42″ flat screen television, a Nintendo Wii and Rock Band 2 video game. Gamers can play up to five times a day and after the sweepstakes, the game will be open to ongoing play.

“An online interactive game is an important element in the positioning of the new Pretzelmaker brand,” says Jenn Johnston, senior vice president brand marketing, NexCen Franchise Management. “We want to provide unique opportunities for our loyal customers to experience the brand beyond the store environment while still offering relevant incentives that drive store traffic. In this case we want to bring attention to the combo menu at Pretzelmaker and Pretzel Time.”

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