Green City Growers, an urban farming company in Somerville, Massachusetts, launched a “Save the Kale” campaign to save the first kale crop for b.good. Boston-based chain b.good, which prides itself on serving fresh, farm-to-table food, has been growing its own ingredients on its roofs and through indoor grow lights for years. However, due to restricted access to the upper level of their 255 Washington location, b.good has had to relocate their kale crop. In true b.good community outreach form, Green City Growers was able to find b.good their baby kale babysitter.

“We’re truly humbled that Green City Growers rallied to help us ‘save the kale’ and are extremely grateful for the community’s outpour of support,” says Jon Olinto, cofounder of b.good. “Our kale-based menu items are extremely popular and so I’m happy that we can continue to provide them for our customers.”

Twenty beds of kale will be planted after being transferred to the Community Garden in Somerville on March 27. The kale will be harvested mid-May. Shortly after, the twenty beds will return to their home above b.good just in time to begin their tomato harvest.

Founded by Jessie Banhazl in 2008, Green City Growers works towards transforming unused spaces into thriving urban farms by providing immediate access to nutritious food, raised vegetable bed installation, maintenance, and education services to corporate offices, schools, restaurants, grocers, and residential clients.

b.good was created by life-long friends Anthony Ackil and Jon Olinto. The restaurant serves only locally sourced, humanely raised, natural proteins for its burgers, as well as locally grown produce for salads and veggie bowls. They pride themselves on providing customers with “food made by people, not factories.”

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