Roti Modern Mediterranean presents a new Northbrook location, opening in November 2015. With the opening of this location, the restaurant also debuts a name change—replacing "Mediterranean Grill" with  “Modern Mediterranean”—as well as enhanced branding and interior design. The rebranding of Roti better reflects the restaurant’s dedication to using classic Mediterranean ingredients to prepare modern meals and an evolution of the brand experience. The Northbrook restaurant features an interior design that will be used as the brand’s new standard for future openings.

"Our new restaurant look is a true reflection of our food and company values: High quality, modern, inviting, and comfortable. We want Roti to be a place where you can take a break from your busy day and enjoy wholesome, delicious Mediterranean food with friends or family," says Carl Segal, CEO of Roti Modern Mediterranean.

Segal adds that the new design will feature stylish booths and the beverage menu will expand to include beer, wine, house-made juices, and teas. Roti worked closely with Aria Group Architects to develop the new interior design and with Grip Design to update the branding. 

The new interior design will complement the fresh “food that loves you back” that has become Roti’s trademark. Roti offers fast, customizable meals with a high emphasis on serving wholesome, Instagram-worthy cuisine. The menu is comprised of Mediterranean favorites, with three meal types available: wrap or pita sandwiches, rice plates, and salads. Each is customizable with chicken, steak, salmon, falafel, or fresh vegetables and six sauces to choose from. Side options include classics like hummus, couscous, and tomato and cucumber salad. Roti also offers many gluten-free options and proudly serves antibiotic-free chicken, organic chickpeas, and sustainably raised salmon. The high standards of food Roti has always promised and delivered remain the same, now served in a new, modern atmosphere.

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