Smalls Sliders, the premiere cheeseburger slider brand that is painting the restaurant industry Smorange, is coming off a whirlwind 2023 year. Having reopened its doors to franchising just seven months ago, Smalls Sliders has achieved a more than impressive track record of growth.

The rapidly growing brand ended 2023 with 160 Cans open or under development. Eleven of those Cans are open in Louisiana and Mississippi, while the remaining are franchise agreements signed within the 2023 year. Those Cans are spread across nine new markets for Smalls Sliders, including states like Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kansas, Mississippi, Missouri, Texas and South Carolina. With such a robust pipeline in place, Smalls Sliders is now projecting that the brand will reach 40 open units in 2024, more than tripling its current count.

In addition to entering a multitude of new states, Smalls Sliders completely sold out of territories in Louisiana, the state where it got its start. Open Cans across the Southeast also sold a whopping 3.5 million cheeseburger sliders– and that’s no ‘Smalls’ feat.

Leading Small Sliders’ extensive growth is a dynamic leadership team that is committed to fostering an environment of equity and belonging for every Squad member. With a woman CEO leading the charge, Smalls Sliders brings a diverse team comprised of 48% women, 29% people of color, and 14% LGBTQIA+, all of whom span over four generations to make the ultimate dream team.

“To achieve all that we have in less than a year is truly astounding, but we’re nowhere near done,” says Maria Rivera, CEO of Smalls Sliders. “Smalls Sliders has transformed into a powerhouse that every one of our Squad members is incredibly proud to be a part of. From our stacked leadership team to our incredible franchisees and every guest who’s become a frequent slider, none of this would be possible without them. I know I’m not alone when I say we are eager to hit the ground running and continue dropping Cans across the country to reach our goal of hitting 40 open units this year.”

The brand’s accomplishments don’t stop there, as Smalls Sliders also reimagined its brand essence and identity in 2023. Accompanied by a new logo and website, Smalls Sliders revitalized the brand’s purpose, core values and mission in a slider-centric way. As the brand committs to making everyone’s day just a small bit better, Smalls Sliders maintains a clear focus on being the cheeseburger slider brand that has the power to shake up the big burger industry, and ultimately perfect the cheeseburger slider better than any other brand out there.

Smalls Sliders opened its first signature ‘Smorange’ colored Can in 2019. Since its inception, Smalls Sliders has disrupted the quick-service industry with its stacked leadership team and robust development pipeline, furthering its rapid growth trajectory with more than 160 Cans open or under development. The brand continues to garner high-level industry recognition, with QSR Magazine ranking the brand in its annual QSR 50 Contenders list. Other accolades include ranking on Entrepreneur magazine’s “Top New & Emerging Franchises” list in 2023.

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