Spicy Pickle Franchising Inc., operator of the fast-casual restaurant chains Spicy Pickle in the U. S. and Bread Garden Urban Cafe in Canada, announced the opening of two new Bread Garden Urban Cafes in downtown Vancouver, British Columbia. The two new restaurants, along with the new location opened at 4314 Main Street at Whistler Mountain outside Vancouver in the late summer, bring the total to 15 franchised Bread Garden Urban Cafes operating in British Columbia.

The two new restaurants and the Whistler Mountain location all have extremely high visibility to the Winter Olympics, which will begin in Vancouver on February 12. The two new downtown locations are at 742 Granville, on the new pedestrian mall, and in the new Canadian Broadcasting Building at 700 Hamilton Street, both in the heart of Vancouver.

“The downtown locations are in a very densely populated and highly trafficked area of Vancouver,” says Marc Geman, CEO of Spicy Pickle Franchising Inc. “And while we expect the Olympics to be a boost to sales, we are here for the long term and believe these new restaurants will perform very well after the Olympics given the population density and demographic that fits our customer.”

“The Bread Garden purchase has proven to be a valuable asset of the company. Its value is increasing every day,” Geman says. “We have a solid infrastructure developing in Vancouver and seasoned franchising personnel in Denver. We believe that we can continue to expand the Bread Garden Urban Cafe chain along with the Spicy Pickle chain in the United States even in this tougher economic environment. We are proving it with these openings and more to come.”

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