Starbucks Corporation announced today the launch of a new organization dedicated to serving the unique needs of foodservice customers. With a focus on a customer-centric approach, the Starbucks Foodservice team will now offer more products through an expanded portfolio.

“We have taken major steps to create an organization attuned to building and enhancing our customers’ businesses,” says John Culver, vice president and general manager of Starbucks Foodservice. “We have re-tooled our team to increase the frequency and quality of our customer interactions. Today we can respond to customer needs faster and offer solutions that meet their customized business requirements.”

As part of the acquisition of Seattle Coffee Company, which was completed in July of this year, Starbucks Foodservice can now offer customers a portfolio of brands. Today the Starbucks Foodservice team provides a selection of specialty coffees and teas including: the Starbucks Coffee ‘We Proudly Brew Program,’ Seattle’s Best Coffee, Torrefazione Italia coffee, and Tazo teas. The portfolio also includes Fontana Syrups.

“The resulting increase in customer interactions will leverage the strengths and coffee expertise that Starbucks Foodservice is known for throughout the country,” says Culver. “Now we will have more resources to meet with customers and address their specific needs. Each partner (employee) is being trained to bring customers solutions specific to their specific business,” added Culver.

Starbucks recently launched Guatemala Casi Cielo™, an exclusive coffee developed specifically for fine dining, and introduced to markets in October. This fall, the team also launched Starbucks Gourmet Hot Cocoa and the Interactive Cup™ Brewer to the Office Coffee Service (OCS) market.

In addition to building a customer-centric sales and marketing organization, Starbucks signed a broadline distribution agreement with SYSCO earlier this year, making nationwide product access more convenient. “Offering broadline distribution to customers is a strong selling point in today’s business environment,” says Culver. “Customers are looking for a streamlined and cost efficient approach to product distribution.”

In addition to servicing Starbucks® coffee through SYSCO distribution, the company recently signed an agreement for Tazo teas and Fontana Syrups.

Following the acquisition of Seattle Coffee Company, Starbucks introduced the new Foodservice organization to customers in November 2003.

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