Sub Zero Ice Cream & Yogurt, the modern company that uses the science of cryogenics to freeze ice cream instantly before customers’ eyes, will be featured on ABC's “Shark Tank”.

In this episode, Jerry and Naomi Hancock, the creators of Sub Zero, team up to impress the panel of judges as they pitch the unique concept. The episode of "Shark Tank" airs Friday, January 11, 2013, on the ABC Television Network.

Most locations will be hosting in-store viewing parties with free samples and nitrogen demonstrations.

Redefining the way people perceive ice cream with its unique flash-freezing process, Sub Zero Ice Cream & Yogurt offers more than a trillion flavor combinations. Customers have the choice of six bases, billions of flavor combinations, and 35 different mix-ins so that every customer with any dietary restrictions or taste preferences will be able to design their own personalized ice cream literally from the base up.

After their selection, customers then watch as their creation is flash frozen at -321 degrees Fahrenheit with liquid nitrogen right before their eyes.

“I wanted to combine science and ice cream,” says Jerry Hancock, CEO and founder of Sub Zero. “It took over two years of research to develop our unique freezing process, but all that hard work brought me the fulfillment that I believe redefines the way people look at ice cream.”

Molecular gastronomy, the technique of fusing science and culinary arts, has traditionally only been available in five-star restaurants. With the expanding franchise, anyone can be part of this unique excitement where science creates endless opportunities for ice cream flavors.

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