Subway wrapped up a survey of 1,000 men and women ages 18–54 to get their thoughts on the upcoming Super Bowl game. The brand found 88 percent of people would eat healthy food if it was served at their Super Bowl party, and 28 percent of people will stick to their New Year’s resolution of counting calories, as opposed to 13 percent who will forego those resolutions.

Seventy percent of people (57 percent of men and 80 percent of women) would rather lose 10 pounds that would never come back than have their team win the Super Bowl. When there’s a break in the game this Sunday, 49 percent of people claim they will fill their plates with food, as opposed to updating Instagram, reading analysis on Twitter, or bragging about winning office or party pools on Facebook.

Sixty percent of women will host Super Bowl parties this year, as opposed to 48 percent of men. Thirty one percent of men say they’ll watch the game at home alone, compared with 23 percent of women.

The Subway survey also offers more statistics on how many men and women will take the Monday after the Super Bowl off from work, how often they check their phones during the game, and more. 

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