Tosca, an innovator in reusable packaging and supply chain solutions, announced today that its line of poultry Reusable Plastic Containers (RPCs) is being used by poultry provider Fieldale farms to transport products to a major northeast grocery retailer. Tosca Poultry RPCs were engineered to be a better, safer, and more sustainable packaging option for high volume supply chains like poultry. 

Fieldale has been shipping poultry products to stores in Tosca’s innovative RPC solution, replacing single-use corrugated boxes. Sustainability is incredibly important to Fieldale as it has made impressive strides to reduce its environmental impact. 

“We are excited to be adding RPCs to our sustainability strategy as it helps us achieve our goal to modernize our supply chain,” says Jeff Paschall, VP of Sales at Fieldale. “We recently banned foam trays from our products and the decision to use reusable containers is the obvious next step as RPCs eliminate waste and cut single use corrugated out of the supply chain entirely.” 

This change is expected to have an incredibly positive influence on operations all the way through the supply chain. RPCs are far more durable than corrugated alternatives, reducing labor spent managing box failures and the messes that result. The RPCs are designed to handle the weight of many heavy containers stacked on top of them so the product inside does not bear any weight. This eliminates compression on the poultry and reduces damage and related issues. The stakeholders involved can be assured that the poultry contents inside will arrive at the retailer exactly the way they were sent.  

Jon Kalin, CCO at Tosca, is excited about what this opportunity means. “When we created our poultry RPCs, we knew we were setting out to do something different in a supply chain that hasn’t been changed in decades. The fast turning, high volume nature of the poultry supply chain, added to the corrugated box failures and messes that come with have been a problem for years. We’ve created an alternative. The opportunity to work with a quality-focused company like Fieldale Farms is a perfect scenario.” 

Standardized RPCs are easy to implement in production facilities and simplify operations all the way through the supply chain.  RPCs are easier to pack and eliminate the dust and debris that is generated from corrugated when erected. The durability of the container and stability of the pallet reduce problems in the distribution centers and ensure product arrives at the store the same way it was packed. 

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