What’s a political “party” without a dip?

Taco Bueno restaurants have this Election Day covered, providing free guacamole and tortilla chips to anyone who votes in the 2012 election. 

The program, called  “Guac the Vote,” offers free servings of guacamole and tortilla chips all day on Tuesday, November 6, to everyone who votes.  

No campaigning will be necessary to claim a 2.5-ounce serving of freshly made guacamole and a small order of tortilla chips to guests who come in or drive through a Taco Bueno restaurant and say that they voted. 

No proof of voter registration or coupon is needed.  The offer is available all day long in Taco Bueno’s 180 restaurant locations in seven states, with no additional purchase required.

Kim Hennig, chief marketing officer at Taco Bueno, says the company is hoping to encourage voter turnout with this effort.

According to statistics released by the U. S. Census Bureau, the voter turnout rate in the 2008 presidential election was 64 percent. 

“The turnout is even lower in Taco Bueno’s home states of Texas, at 57 percent, and Oklahoma, at 62 percent,” Hennig says. 

The company unveiled the program in September, providing customers with voter registration links on its Facebook page and reminders about voter registration deadlines.

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