The much-anticipated series “It’s How You Get There” recently premiered on the History Channel. On the episode scheduled for October 15, the camera will turn to Taco John’s in Bourbonnais, Illinois, as the show’s hosts hit the drive thru in an odd and unexpected fashion.

The series follows two adventurers–Greg White and Julian Taylor—as they visit the most interesting places in the world in the most interesting modes of transportation. Their focus is on the journey as much as the destination. And, Taco John’s—the rapidly growing Mexican quick-service brand—made the list.

For this particular episode, the two water-ski through the frigid waters of Lake Michigan and then take a boat-on-wheels (yes, that’s a thing) from the lake to the Taco John’s drive-thru in pursuit of their favorite food—Potato Olès.

“If I could, I would dive into a vat of Potato Olès with the cheese sauce and just eat my way out,” says White. “Taco John’s is an amazing franchise and the watercraft we used during this episode was out of this world. We had a really good time shooting this segment.”

Still wandering how a boat could also work on land? The hosts commandeered a state-of-the-art Sealegs amphibious watercraft, which is outfitted with engines for both water and land. Watch the episode to see it in action.

“As you can imagine, we were thrilled to learn that the History Channel’s new show wanted to feature our restaurant,” says franchisee Alex Habeeb. “The two hosts are hilarious, which made shooting the segment a lot of fun. This new show is really unique and exciting to watch, so be sure to check us out on the big (TV) screen this Sunday.”

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