For a limited time, Fish Tacos are back on the menu at Taco John’s. But this time around, the seasonal favorite is available with new options at the Mexican quick-service chain. In addition to softshell tacos, guests can order whitefish fillets with Santa Fe Burritos and Bowls.

"A lot of people told us how much they enjoyed the flavor of our whitefish fillets with zesty fajita sour cream and a fresh lime. So we’re excited to let our guests customize how it’s served,” says Bob Karisny, vice president for menu strategy and innovation at Taco John’s. “When they choose the Santa Fe option, they have a choice between burrito or a bowl, regular size or large, and one of three salsas.”

The return of Fish Tacos is providing a boost to sales as the country emerges from a long winter that suppressed restaurant sales in some areas.

“We’re seeing several consecutive weeks of positive growth compared to the same time period last year,” says Shawn Eby, vice president for operations at Taco John’s. “When other restaurants are only serving fish sandwiches, we’re unique in that we offer three ways to fish: in a taco, in a burrito or in a bowl. That competitive advantage is helping drive sales for Taco John’s.”

Fish Tacos are performing the best at one of Taco John’s newest locations. At the Rio Rancho restaurant outside of Albuquerque, New Mexico, the seasonal menu item accounts for 8.5 percent of sales.

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