The Taco Maker (TTM) announced the opening of its newest location in Panama City, Panama. The latest member of the TTM family opened at the Albrook Mall Food Court on Marginal Avenue in the Ancon District.

“We’re beyond excited about this expansion into Panama,” says Carlos Budet, TTM president and CEO. “As we grow, we’re gaining the momentum and opportunity to strategically develop our brand and bring the taste of incredibly delicious Mexican cuisine to thousands of new customers. The new Albrook Mall location is an integral part of our strategy to further our reputation and reach worldwide.”

The Taco Maker Inc. is the parent company of the Taco Maker restaurant, which is the largest Mexican quick-service restaurant in Puerto Rico. TTM’s new Panama location represents the first of 20 stores the franchise plans to open in the country within the next eight years.

“The adaptability of TTM’s brand to a variety of outlet types including mall food courts is what makes us so ripe for growth,” Budet says. “Our attitude in competitive environments is fearless … meaning we’re never afraid to go head to head with others vying for the same industry dollar. TTM typically outshines competitors because of our unsurpassed quality cuisine, fresh ingredients, and value-packed prices.”

With 25 new stores slated to open this year and hundreds more in development, the Taco Maker is experiencing a robust pipeline of commitments from franchise developers in multiple regions of the U.S. and Puerto Rico as well as countries including India, Panama, Costa Rica, Colombia, Brazil, the Dominican Republic, Russia, Spain, and other European and Latin American countries.

“With each new store expansion, we’re continuing to prove the viability of the TTM brand worldwide,” Budet says. “Our passion is to deliver the freshest, most delicious Mexican quick-service food to our customers without compromising on quality or value. That in my mind … is what sets us apart from our competitors and makes us so incredibly appealing to investors looking for a premium franchise investment.”

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