TacoTime incorporates jicama, a vegetable that is growing in popularity, into its latest limited-time offer, the Chicken Jicama Burrito, available June 29 through August 30.

The Chicken Jicama Burrito features crunchy jicama, homemade salsa fresca, black beans, crisp baby leaf spinach, and all-white meat chicken, topped with a creamy poblano sauce and wrapped in a warm home-style tortilla.

"This burrito is unique because of the jicama, which is a root vegetable typically used in Mexican cuisine to add a light crisp crunch," says Julie Hoefling, director of marketing for TacoTime. "The addition of this special ingredient sets it apart and brings a traditional element to the overall flavor of the Chicken Jicama Burrito that customers are going to love."

Jicama is known for being low in calories with added health benefits. Its thick skin must be peeled before eating, but the Mexican root can be consumed raw or lightly cooked to add a crisp taste to any culinary creation like the Chicken Jicama Burrito.

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