Tijuana Flats, famous for its fresh Tex-Mex food and unique ambiance, is announcing an addition to its list of charitable condiments.

The Sauce that Saves is the latest offering from the brand and its 501c3 charity, the Just in Queso Foundation.

The sauce will be available April 1, 2013, and sold for $5 at all of the restaurant’s 90 locations and online.

Additionally, $3 from every bottle sold will be donated to the Just in Queso Foundation, which provides aid to individuals, communities, and organizations in need.

“In addition to tasting great, the benefits the sales provide to the communities we serve is invaluable,” says Just in Queso Foundation president Dede Franklin. “And we decided it was time to raise the bar. The more sauce we have to sell, the more money we can raise for great charities and individuals in need.”

The Sauce that Saves is a blend between spicy and sweet, with a hint of peaches and a mix of peppers.

This mildly spicy sauce is a great addition to the Just in Queso Foundation’s other charity sauces, Share the Love, Feel the Burn and Smack My Ass & Call Me Santa.

With the Just in Queso Foundation, Tijuana Flats is able to have support funds waiting “just in case” a tragedy strikes and people are left in need, including everything from rebuilding areas devastated by natural disasters to providing monetary support for other nonprofit charities, families, and individuals when they need it most.

The Just in Queso Foundation generates financial support primarily through the in-store and online sales of the Just in Queso charity hot sauce, as well as the restaurant’s special-edition holiday Smack My Ass and Call Me Santa hot sauce.

Each year, the Just In Queso Foundation selects a nonprofit organization to support with this initiative, to which all proceeds from the hot sauce sales are donated.

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