Tin Drum Asian Kitchen, a fast casual concept focused on fresh, bold, Asian inspired cuisine, is bringing the latest must-have trend to the Atlanta food scene with its new menu items featuring the popular raw-fish Poke. A staple in the Hawaiian Islands that has recently swept the nation, Poke has developed a passionate following from foodies nationwide for its rich flavor and nutritional benefits. Tin Drum has tapped into the craze with two protein-packed offerings featuring fresh and healthy ingredients that can be prepared spicy or sweet. The new Poke bowl offerings will be available at every Tin Drum location now through October 8.

“Consumers today are increasingly gravitating toward dishes that align with a healthier lifestyle, so it’s no surprise that the Poke trend has dominated the food scene in recent years,” says Steven Chan, founder of Tin Drum Asian Kitchen. “Our inviting atmosphere and ongoing menu innovation gives guests the chance to try foods and flavors they may not have tried before and with our latest Poke bowl offerings, guests can experience the flavors of Hawaiian culture with a spin of our signature Asian flair.”

Tin Drum Asian Kitchen enhanced its Poke bowl menu lineup with two distinct new options:

Spicy Volcano: A take on Tin Drum’s popular Hawaiian bowl, the Spicy Volcano is made with a choice of white or brown rice and topped with fresh Ahi tuna, crisp romaine, edamame, corn, seaweed salad, cilantro, pickled ginger, masago and sesame seeds, drizzled with spicy mayo dressing to give it an extra kick.

Mango Dragon: Balancing out its spicy counterpart with a sweeter selection, the Mango Dragon is made with a choice of white or brown rice topped with Ahi tuna and fresh mango. Additional toppings include crisp romaine, edamame, pickled cucumber, jalapeños, pickled ginger, scallions, masago and sesame seeds, drizzled with a sweet chili dressing.

Tin Drum Asian Kitchen provides the fast service and convenience of Asian street-side cafés, prepares each meal to order using fresh, simple ingredients. The menu is a dynamic mix of traditional Asian fare with bold flavors and features cuisine inspired by the cultures of China, India, Japan, Korea, Thailand and Vietnam. The restaurant’s aggressive franchise growth is backed by the entrepreneurs at the BIP Franchise Accelerator, a division of venture capital firm BIP Capital, which invested in the brand in 2010. BIP Capital has invested more than $250 million in emerging, high-growth brands across the franchising, software, and technology and consumer products industries. BIP Capital created the BIP Franchise Accelerator to leverage its leadership team’s deep franchise experience to help emerging brands accelerates their growth. In addition to Tin Drum Asian Kitchen, the BIP Franchise Accelerator’s portfolio includes Tropical Smoothie Café, which has more than 600 locations nationwide.

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