Atlanta-based Tin Drum Asian Kitchen announced it has signed a two-unit deal with Setul and Trishna Patel to develop Tin Drum restaurants in the Atlanta area. The couple is finalizing location details and plan to open this year.

Setul and Trishna Patel are experienced franchisees in the hospitality industry with operational expertise with hotel brands and office building delicatessens. 

“We selected Tin Drum after looking at dozens of restaurant brands because we love the concept and the food, respect and trust the great management team, and see the future as bright for the brand,” said Setul Patel, who graduated from Louisiana State University. 

Founded by Steven Chan, Tin Drum has 10 restaurants across the Atlanta. The brand is actively searching for new franchisees in Texas, Tennessee, Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Florida. It currently and has agreements for restaurant developments in Savannah, Georgia, and five units in Houston. 

“Once again, our newest franchisees became loyal fans by being customers first and are now turning their passion into a good business,” said CEO Steven Chan. “The opportunity in the Atlanta marketplace and beyond is endless.”

Tin Drum’s menu is a mash up of bold flavors from Asia’s greatest hits. It features “Not In A Bowl” sidewalk sandwiches and urban garden items inspired by many Asian cultures. Some menu favorites include the Tikka Masala, Singapore Curry Noodles, Thai Curry with Coconut Milk, Korean Fried Chicken Sliders, Saigon Summer Salad, and the addictive Crab and Cheese Spring Rolls. Each meal is prepared on-order using fresh, simple and specialty Asian ingredients, served by Tin Drummer in an environment that evokes the hustle and bustle of a classic Hong Kong-style dai pai dong, or curbside café.

The restaurant’s franchise growth is backed by the private equity firm BIP Capital, majority owner of Tropical Smoothie, who has invested more than $250 million in emerging, high-growth brands across the franchising, software, technology and consumer products industries.

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