Denver’s own Tocabe, the nation’s largest American Indian restaurant chain, introduced its long-awaited Braised Turkey, rounding out its native-sourced menu, along with several hearty winter menu additions.

Tocabe sources local and organically-raised birds from Peterson Farms in Lakewood, and the Braised Turkey recipe gets inspiration from owner Ben Jacobs’ Osage Nation heritage. First, the whole, organic turkeys are rubbed with Tocabe’s house sumac and sage rub, then seared on the grill before undergoing a slow, overnight braise. After braising, the turkey (both light and dark meats—the whole bird is used) is shredded and reunited with the stock created during the braising along with chilies and sage for a deep, layered flavor.

Says owner, and member of the Osage Nation, Ben Jacobs, “We have wanted to offer a new protein option for quite sometime It took a while to find the right sourcing partner who met our high quality and sustainability standards, yet still fit within our fast-casual price point. We are excited to provide another lean, healthy protein and think our guests will really like the new flavor it brings to the menu. I think the turkey is fantastic with either of the Posu bowls with our seasonal butternut squash relish.”

Other seasonal menu additions include two sides: Sautéed Wild Rice and Glazed Butternut Squash with Sage; a light and refreshing Butternut Squash Relish; and Bison Chipotle Chili and Tocabe’s Signature Green Chile Stew are back to warm guests up this winter.

With the addition of their Food Truck in spring of 2016, Tocabe has become the nation’s largest American Indian restaurant chain and is currently in the final stages of lease negotiations for their third brick-and-mortar store in the Aurora area, hoping for a Spring 2018 opening.

In the meantime, the Food Truck will begin serving again in earnest in March. It has become a great opportunity for Jacobs and Chandra to test possible new menu items and offer some seasonal variation not possible at their other locations. Details on locations and using the truck for catering can be found at

Tocabe is proud to source responsibly and promote eating ethically—this continues the traditions of Native foodways by supporting and sustaining community through food. In 2017, they upped their game significantly by increasing the number of indigenous ingredients they source from Native farms.

Some of the Indigenous and local-to-Colorado sources Tocabe uses include:

Red Lake Nation Foods—Wild Rice and 100 percent Maple Syrup (Rice in Posu Bowl, Maple Vinaigrette)

Seka Hills—Olive Oil and Elderberry Balsamic Vinegar (Cooking, Brushed on Bannock Bread)

Ramona Farms—Tepary Beans and Wheat Berries (Wheat Berries in Posu Bowl with Organic Red Quinoa, Tepary Beans in Seed Mix Topping Option)

Bow & Arrow—Indian Corn and Blue Corn (Used in Specialty Items, Soups or Seasonal Rotation)

Rock River Ranches—Bison (Shredded, Ground and Ribs, whole animal philosophy)

Red Bird Farms—Chicken (Recently Switched for Grilled Chicken)

Peterson Farms—Braised Turkey

Both current locations in Denver at 3536 W. 44th Ave, and Greenwood Village at 8181 E. Arapahoe Rd., are open Monday—Saturday 11 a.m. —9 p.m. and Sunday 12 p.m. (noon)—8 p.m.

During the summer months, Tocabe’s Food Truck is in full swing. 

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