Toppers Pizza has been an innovation leader in the pizza space for nearly three decades and the Wisconsin-based franchise is continuing to the lead the way with the introduction of a new line of Baked Mac ‘N Cheese options as well as a new House Recipe, the Nacho Topper, and an addition to the brand’s popular line of Topperstix with the Nachostix. At the same time that the brand is introducing these new bold, quality additions to the menu, Toppers is also enhancing value with the introduction of a new Pick 2 or More for $5.99 value menu.

“The corporate big brands in the pizza industry continue to dole out inferior products at a low price point. But we respect pizza and we respect our pizza-loving fans. So, with our new Baked Mac ‘N Cheese, Nacho Toppers, Nachostix and our Pick 2 or More for $5.99 menu, we are continuing to show them that you can get a tremendous quality product featuring real, never-frozen 100 percent Wisconsin mozzarella cheese, hand-cut fresh veggies, and hand-tossed dough made-from-scratch in our locations every day—and get that at a value,” says Scott Gittrich, Founder and President of Toppers Pizza. “Simply stated, better doesn’t have to cost more.”

The new Pick 2 or More for $5.99 value menu includes:

  • Any Medium 2-Topping Pizzas
  • Any Single Orders of Topperstix
  • Any ½ Lb. Boneless Wings
  • Any Baked Mac ‘N Cheese

Earlier this year, Toppers Pizza introduced fans to the Pick 2 for $9.99 deal featuring any pizzas at any size or any Topperstix at any size. That deal will remain an option for Toppers fans and will now include the Nacho Topper, featuring salsa, jalapeños, tortilla chips and nacho cheese, and Nachostix, a similar version of the brand’s legendary Topperstix. In December, Toppers Pizza introduced the Ragin’ Pepperoni, as a limited time offer, and due to the popularity of the pizza, it will remain on the menu and is available as part of the Pick 2 for $9.99 deal.

The line of Baked Mac ‘N Cheese is the result of the significant investment in research and development by the Toppers Pizza corporate team and represents a viable side item to boost menu mix for franchisees in the Toppers system. After the research and development phase, the recipes were tested throughout Nebraska and Wisconsin with incredible success before rolling out to all locations beginning April 9. As a way to introduce fans to the new line of Baked Mac ‘N Cheese, Toppers Pizza will be offering one of the recipes free with the purchase of any large pizza at regular menu price.

The five recipes include:

  • 3-Cheese Wisconsin Mac—noodles smothered in Toppers Pizza’s signature bold creamy cheese sauce, topped off with the brand’s blend of 100 percent REAL Wisconsin mozzarella and cheddar cheese
  • Buffalo Chicken Mac—Toppers Pizza’s 3-Cheese Wisconsin Mac topped with diced buffalo chicken, Applewood smoked bacon, and drizzled with mild buffalo and ranch sauce
  • Loaded Tater Mac—Toppers Pizza’s 3-Cheese Wisconsin Mac topped with tater tots, Applewood smoked bacon, and green onions
  • Smoky BBQ Mac—Toppers Pizza’s 3-Cheese Wisconsin Mac topped with Applewood smoked bacon, seasoned BBQ chicken, green onions and drizzled with a smoky BBQ sauce
  • CBR Mac—Toppers Pizza’s 3-Cheese Wisconsin Mac topped with sliced grilled chicken, Applewood smoked bacon, diced tomatoes, and drizzled with ranch sauce

“Pizza lovers today want more variety and bolder options, and they simply aren’t getting that from the corporate chains who continue to freeze their cheese, haul their dough on trucks, and vacuum seal their veggies. That’s not Toppers,” says Scott Iversen, Vice President of Marketing for Toppers Pizza. “We’re giving our fans a wide array of made-from-scratch value menu options including pizza, Topperstix, wings or mac ‘n cheese. There is something for every taste and to enjoy at any time of the day,” said Scott Iversen, Vice President of Marketing for Toppers Pizza.

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