Velvet Taco has jumped into the merchandise arena with the launch of their Velvet Merch online store. The taco restaurant serving unique, globally inspired recipes listened to their guest’s demands over the years, and now anyone can purchase apparel, gifts, and accessories for the first time in the brand’s 11-year history.

After years of social media swag giveaways and event promo handouts as the only way to get branded merchandise, Velvet Taco fanatics can finally buy merchandise or send a gift to their relative across the country. Velvet Merch will primarily feature high demand items to start – from branded t-shirts to stickers to backpacks. Prices range from $2.50 for stickers to $60 for computer bags.

 “Our fans are incredibly loyal and critical to our success. For years they have been asking how they can purchase Velvet Taco swag,” says marketing director, Cassie Cooper. “This program is for them. We did not markup products with a high price tag with the thought that everyone should be rocking some Velvet swag. The merch store is also about creating experiences that are as delicious as they are memorable.”

The brand’s e-commerce store comes at a time when digital marketing efforts are in full force, establishing Velvet Merch is a natural next step to engage their most dedicated fans through The Velvet Room loyalty program. Velvet Taco will also launch exclusive, seasonal products celebrating seasons, holidays, and events, which will be available for a limited time. The online merchandise store will also be used to reward and recognize the team members – or as they call them, Tribe Members.

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