As America enters another year of economic uncertainty, one thing Wendy's can assure consumers of is that its value menu, originally introduced in 1989, is now completely revamped to include up to 18 menu items ranging from 99 cents to $1.99.

The Right Price Right Size Menu, available in Wendy's restaurants nationwide, is not the standard value menu consisting mostly of snacks and side items. Wendy's value menu, among the largest in the quick-service restaurant industry, offers customers an entire meal. Examples include four different cheeseburgers, three types of chicken wraps, two side salad options, chili, and a chicken sandwich. The variety is so extensive, consumers can create 4,896 trios from the Right Price Right Size Menu.

"Value is what you get, not just what you pay," says Craig Bahner, Wendy's chief marketing officer. "Consumers are making smart choices how they spend their money. Our new Right Price Right Size Menu is a cut above the competition in variety and taste by offering more flavor and meal options than other value menus."

Additionally, Wendy's is promoting a $1.99 Kids' Meal after 4:00 p.m. with options for apple slices, Juicy Juice Apple Juice, or TruMoo Milk.   

"Today's economy makes it harder for families to enjoy the fun experience of dining out together. We're lowering our Kids' Meal price and offering more choices for side options. Together with our expanded value menu, we offer quality foods, variety, and portion sizes to make the family meal a great experience," Bahner says.

In 1989, Wendy's founder Dave Thomas introduced the Super Value Menu, a step that all major chains have since followed. Thomas's pioneering spirit lives on today with the introduction of the Right Price Right Size value menu.

This year also marks the year of digital explosion by Wendy's to engage online consumers. The launch of "Claim Your Taste" game,, is Wendy's biggest effort in the digital space by creating an exclusive online experience.

"Claim Your Taste" rewards customers for sharing online their favorite Right Price Right Size value menu items by becoming eligible to be a virtual spokesperson for their taste claims. Their Facebook profile picture and name may appear with their menu selections on Wendy's digital properties, including its Facebook page,, and custom banner ads.

"'Claim Your Taste' is a fun way for our customers to share with us and their friends how they customize their value meals," Bahner says.  "It enables Wendy's fans to become virtual spokespeople for their taste claims. We encourage Wendy's fans to enjoy their taste claims at their nearby Wendy's and tell us what makes them their favorites on Twitter using #ClaimYourTaste."

"Claim Your Taste" is the first of a three-part digital effort that will run yearlong in support the Right Price Right Size Menu.

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