Which Wich Superior Sandwiches, a Texas-based, game-changing sandwich brand has announced it is opening two new virtual restaurant locations in Battersea and Bethnal Green this month.

The first Which Wich restaurant in the United Kingdom opened in Central St Giles, near New Oxford Street in February 2018, and has since built a raving fan base for its customizable, freshly made-to-order, hot toasted sandwiches and salads using high quality, locally sourced ingredients. Since the onset of Covid-19, demand in Central West London has shifted to delivery and take out, for remote workers and families who continue to crave Which Wich’s unique flavors.

As a result, Which Wich Superior Sandwiches adjusted its short-term expansion plans, postponing the launch of two city workforce locations to the opening of two new virtual kitchens for delivery-only demand instead. With these three restaurant locations, Which Wich will now be able to service home and office delivery demand across London, from Fulham in the West, through central London and up to Shoreditch in the East. Which Wich Superior Sandwiches will be open from early til late, starting the day with their unique hot breakfast muffin range.

The daytime menu of hot toasted ‘Wiches’ also has a strong appeal to the health conscious, as any of the “Build Your Own” Wiches can come wrapped in lettuce, a spinach tortilla, or as a salad.

UK Master Franchisee, Rami Awada, adds “In a challenging time for the London hospitality market, we are delighted to have the proven track record to launch new openings, bringing renewed menu choice to London customers and new jobs for talented team members.”

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