White Castle announced it is offering the newly formulated Impossible Slider at all restaurants across the country. On April 12, 2018, White Castle became the first fast-food chain to offer the Impossible Slider, hailed as “one of the country’s best fast-food burgers, period.” One year later, the protein-packed slider made from plants is even juicier, beefier and tastier than before and is available for customers with all Cravings for just $1.99. White Castle has also begun experimenting with different flavor combinations to take the Impossible Slider to the next level. 

White Castle and Impossible Foods, the company behind the Impossible Burger, first brought the Impossible Slider to Cravers one year ago when the slider made from plants was added to 140 White Castle menus in New York, New Jersey and Chicago. After exceeding projections and inciting a social media frenzy, the Impossible Slider was rolled out to all restaurants in September 2018.

“As a 98-year-old family-owned business, White Castle has a number of milestones that are very important to us,” says Jamie Richardson, vice president at White Castle. “But the launch of the Impossible Slider is particularly special because of the immediate impact it had. Adding this burger made from plants has been a huge leap in establishing White Castle as a slider provider for all tastes and preferences.”

The Impossible Slider’s new recipe was unveiled at CES 2019 in Las Vegas, where the product won several awards including “Most Unexpected Product,” “Most Impactful Product,” and the show’s most coveted “Best of the Best” award.

White Castle’s Impossible Slider is now more delicious, more nutritious and more versatile than ever. The new recipe offers Cravers a source of high quality protein with even more taste that’s nearly indistinguishable from traditional beef.

“Now that we’ve accomplished what many thought was impossible, we can’t wait to see how customers respond to an even juicier, beefier and tastier version,” adds Richardson.

To celebrate the Impossible Slider’s nationwide launch in 2018, White Castle and Impossible Foods teamed up with one of the most influential hip-hop groups of all time, the Wu-Tang Clan, to produce a four-part web series entitled, “Wu Tang in Space Eating Impossible Sliders.” The series, available on Impossible Foods’ website, features RZA, GZA and Ghostface Killah enjoying Impossible Sliders while answering fan-generated questions.

The series was recently selected as a finalist for the Tribeca Film Festival’s Tribeca X Award, and will be screened along with the other finalists at the upcoming film festival in New York City.

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