Hot dog chain Wienerschnitzel announced it will debut a new trio of commercials set to air within the company’s major markets of Arizona, California, New Mexico and Texas on Monday, October 2. The 30-second television spots include innovative computer-generated animation with a human-like version of Wienerschnitzel’s lovable hot dog mascot, The Delicious One, allowing him to speak and interact with humans for the first time ever.

Through the strategic guidance of Irvine-based DGWB Advertising and its creative team consisting of David Swartz and Joe Cladis, associate creative directors, and Amy Krause, producer, Wienerschnitzel’s new television spots contain humor and wit as they reveal The Delicious One’s fatal flaw: he’s unaware that everyone wants to eat him, which he never realizes until it’s too late.

The advertisements are an extension of Wienerschnitzel’s strategy to increase brand awareness and keep consumers tuned into its commercials by utilizing unique and clever story lines with a cinematic feel.

For example, in one of the new 30-second Wienerschnitzel commercial spots titled “Saloon,” The Delicious One enters a bar only to find the patrons staring at him as if he doesn’t belong there. Everyone ignores him until he blurts out: “Hey, it says on the door that you serve hot dogs!” The bartender glances at the character, places a bottle of mustard next to him, and states “We do.” Tricked again, “America’s Most Wanted Hot Dog” is back on the run.

“Since the inception of Wienerschnitzel’s integrated marketing campaign ‘The Adventures of America’s Most Wanted Hot Dog’ in 1998, our brand awareness has risen 33 percent and we are currently enjoying our fiftieth consecutive month of same store sales increases,” stated Tom Amberger, director of marketing for Wienerschnitzel. “We hope to continue this trend of success and increased brand awareness with the launch of these new commercials.”

The new commercial spots are being supported by a media buy worth more than $4 million. In addition to television spots, Wienerschnitzel’s new advertising campaign also includes a riveting radio broadcast series with a media buy of $500,000, focusing on the antics of The Delicious One shared in first-person.

In an effort to reach Wienerschnitzel’s total market, three Hispanic versions of the new television spots were also created by Creative Director

The Spanish-speaking version of “Strudel” will be aired first, followed by two additional Spanish-speaking spots. Mark Gustafson, director at Portland-based Will Vinton Studios, known for the recent M & M and California Raisin commercials, added three dimensions to the once two-dimensional character, The Delicious One. Filmed in Portland, the firm also spearheaded the commercial’s technical process, where a computer-generated version of The Delicious One character is placed into real-world backgrounds, resulting in better production quality.

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