WyckWyre, the leader of customizable applicant tracking systems for the food and hospitality industry announced that, as a result of an increase in customer referrals for 2013, they have experienced a tremendous growth spurt, company wide.


The company attributes this success to the personal connection that each member of its customer service team strives to make with their clients on a daily basis. "When a customer reaches out, we see it as an opportunity to make a personal connection with them each and every time," says Melissa Hill, head of WyckWyres customer success department. Because of this connection, WyckWyre has grown exponentially in 2013, with customer referrals accounting for more than 46 percent of its growth-to-date. The rapid company wide increase has also led to the customer success team doubling in size over the past two months.


WyckWyre prides itself on providing a simple and accessible customer experience. When WyckWyre customers call the company, they don't need to have their account number on hand, or some other identifying source other than their name first name. This allows for a smoother and more manageable customer experience.


"The customer service aspect of WyckWyre is wonderful," says Rhonda Knight, recruiter for ERJ Dining. "If we need a more detailed feature or don't have something, WyckWyre is able to create a solution for it."


A majority of feature development within WyckWyre's platform comes from a simple suggestion customers offered to their customer success specialists during a routine call.


"We rarely implement any features that our customers haven't requested – we are a customer-driven company," says Lisa DiVirgilio-Shepherd, company director. "WyckWyre allows customers to have their ideal hiring tool, molded just for them, with no effort other than a quick conversation with their customer success specialist about it."


The applicant tracking system customization has been a hit in the restaurant franchise community, with large franchisees of Wendy's, Chili's, Burger King, Dunkin' Donuts, Applebee's, and many others choosing WyckWyre in the past year. The company currently works with more than 1,000 restaurant locations nationwide.

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